Why Fiberglass?

With the right process and experience, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) offers a lot of
advantages to produce superior products.


Fiberglass has about 1/3 the weight of steel with the same strength.

It offers superior tensile and dielectric strength.

Fiberglass is durable and lasts for decades.


Being lighter compared to most materials of similar strength, Fiberglass products are easier to transport and install.

Fiberglass is also very low-maintenance allowing for further savings in the cost of ownership.


Fiberglass allows for great flexibility in design and function.

A wide variation of physical characteristics can be done through a combination of the various components of a Fiberglass Composite.


Fiberglass retains its final shape once cured.

It is chemically inert, non-toxic and can be used for food-grade applications.

Fiberglass is electrically non-conductive and is also a viable insulator.






We have over 30 years experience producing fiberglass products.

We work with our clients to identify and come up with the optimal solution for their requirement.

Continuous improvement and development of our products and beyond.

Thousands of projects successfully completed.

Trusted by the most reputable companies across different industries.


Our Products

FRP Pipes

Our pipes are made of an FRP composite material
through our proprietary continuous process. Our
pipes are made for a variety applications;
manufactured to maximize the best of what
fiberglass has to offer.

Our Products

FRP Tanks

From potable water to chemical liquid storage,
our FRP Tanks provide a lasting solution for
your liquid storage requirements.

The properties of our FRP composite can be
made to address specific thermal, chemical, or
physical requirements for the tank.

Our Products

FRP Profiles

Manufactured with high glass-to-resin content ratio
that results in FRP profiles with high strength and
stiffness. These have unilateral strength and are ideal
for applications with greater load requirements.

Typical use:
channel, ladder, hand rail, i-beam, square tubing, flat
tube, square rod, flat bar, decking, stair nosing,
manhole cover, round tube, angle bar

Our Products

FRP Gratings

Our pultruded gratings can easily replace steel or aluminum
gratings with the added benefit of having superior corrosion
resistance, and are very low maintenance. These
high-strength and lightweight gratings are available in a wide
range of configurations to suit different loading requirements.

These gratings can be used for:
industrial flooring, catwalk, walkways, platforms, hood,
baffles, louvers, cages, fences, gates, foot bridge, trench
cover, hatches, ceiling, boat deck, docks, hand rail, stair
tread, ladders, scaffold, electrical barriers

Our Products

FRP Ducting

Fiberglass is an ideal material for ducts and vents that move
corrosive fumes across a system. These are typically used in
industrial installations such as waste water treatment facilities,
manufacturing, and chemical plants.

Our Products

FRP Lining

We offer horizontal and vertical FRP Lining
systems to provide seamless surfaces that
are chemical resistant, corrosion resistant,
and easy to clean.

Other FRP Applications

The inherent strength and versatility of Fiberglass
Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are ideal for products of all
shapes and sizes.

Agriculture • Commerce • Manufacturing • Military • Mining
Power • Recreation & Sports • Tranport Construction
Water Waste Management

News and Highlights

Fibertech at CONEX 2016

The country’s premiere building and construction exhibition.

BOOTH 279-280

SMX Convention Center

April 21-23, 2016

Fibertech and Renewable Energy

The advantages of Fiberglass pipes provide an ideal solution to delivering high pressure liquid transmission for mini hydroelectric power plants.

The lightweight pipes make it a lot easier to transport and handle even in difficult terrain.

Fiberkinetics Line Expanding

Fibertech’s line of institutional products is broadening its range of products through continuous research and development.


Each project is special; each with it’s own set of unique challenges
that strengthen our ability to produce products critical to our
client’s business.

With thousands of projects completed, it is our privelege to have
gained the trust of each client.

The following is a partial list of our clients.

First Balfour

First Balfour

Part of the Lopez Group of Companies, is a Philippine-based company providing solutions and services to several key industries: power and energy, water infrastructure, building construction, transport infrastructure.

JFE Engineering Corporation

A multinational company originating from Japan with network of operations in Europe, Asia, and USA.

They provide specialized equipment for Energy, Environment, Industrial Machinery, Agriculture, as well as Steel Structures for various construction applications.

JGC Philippines, Inc.

Was established in 1989 as the first global engineering office of JGC Corporation of Japan. From then on, JGC Philippines has become JGC’s largest overseas Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) subsidiary providing EPC and Facility Maintenance services for a wide range of business fields including Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Non-Ferrous Metals Refining and Biofuels in the Philippines.

Manila Water Company, Inc.

The sole provider of water and wastewater services to more than six million people in the East Zone of Metro Manila. It is a subsidiary of the country's oldest conglomerate Ayala Corporation in partnership with British and Japanese investors.

OTV Philippines

Veolia Water Technologies has over 70 years of international experience with specialist subsidiaries providing a wide range of technological solutions and associated services for all types of water: drinking water, urban wastewater, sludge treatment in over 50 countries by a group of effective entities and well known brands.

RAMCAR Batteries, Inc.

RAMCAR Batteries, Inc.

Founded in 1919,  RAMCAR Batteries Inc. is one of the leading independent lead acid battery manufacturers in the United States, and is the leading battery manufacturer in the Philippines.

Makers of Motollite among their other brands, RAMCAR manufactures a complete line of domestic and foreign automotive and commercial batteries.

Green Core Geothermal, Inc.

Green Core Geothermal, Inc.

Active in the field of design and engineering for water and wastewater systems. The company offers various design and consulting services such as system design, audit, rehabilitation and modernization –from planning to realization including supervision, training and further servicing.